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Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Art is a form of expression or communication of emotions and ideas. It uses passion and a great eye for color and sense of materials. I studied fine arts in college with it being my minor. I love to work with different mediums; oil paint being my favorite. If you have a creation in mind. Reach out to me.

I also have years of experience teaching painting from working as an artist at Painting with a Twist. I no longer teach there, but have been asked countless times to teach some private art parties.... I am considering this venture in the future!

Explore the creative process

Creativity takes courage. Trial & Errors. Strength when you feel discouraged. Power to keep going. Striving for progress, not perfection. Learning with every stroke. A reminder that creativity takes courage, and its how your final product can make someone feel.


Request & gather details of the client's goals or inspiration.


Develop, research, and plan your creation. Gather tools and personal inspiration to make it happen.


Experiment, create, use passion, have fun, get messy.


Walk away - return with fresh eyes. Review & revise anything necessary. Be honest and fresh. Reflect knowing that your work is making the world a more beautiful place.


Clean your mess, and prepare work station for a new project. Present project to current client. Enjoy their happiness viewing your creation.

Art Creation

$ Varies

Please reach each out for your estimate.

  • Each work of art is unique not only in itself but in its cost. This is due to the size, medium, and time taken to produce the art.

Let's Work Together

I welcome you to get in touch about any of our services. I look forward to help you fulfill your creative needs.