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Finally up and running!

Well HELLO there! Man it sure has been quite a while in the making for this website to be ready for you all! I feel like. I have SOOOOO much to update you all on. 

First off, I think its best to start out with what the heck took me so long lol! I used to work at a different advertising agency full time to which I had a friend there who would often assist me with simple website work. Long story short (I’ll have another blog post soon explaining the craziness of my life over the last year lol), but no longer had that assistance…and then life went hectic and the website which was in the state of being completely emptied out and not available was placed on the back-burner!

I was able  to dabble and pick away and getting things updated and all my latest portfolio work in place etc. But was just getting so overwhelmed with the backend of things. I finally hired out a company to help me link the backend all together so I could move forward with some design and portfolio updates! and here we are! I still will be working on getting a few things in place but for the most part I am ready for the sites reveal. WHOOO HOOO!

I hope you enjoy browsing all areas that I offer through Shelby Kole LLC!


How can I help you?

Now that the site is up and active, feel free to browse all areas of my work from photography to graphic design and  fine art items. Have a project in mind? Just because you don’t see it here doesn’t mean that I can’t do it. So feel free to reach out with any ideas or questions. I look forward to any new ideas or working with you!

Shelby James

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